3 Day Detox Diet

3 day detox plan

Though this 3 day detox diet seems to be a great solution to cleanse your body and give it a fresh start so you can effectively lose weight while improving your health, I found an article that would tell you that a 3 day, or weekend detox diet is unnecessary.

For many people, detoxing is a ritual form of spring cleansing. However, while the theories behind detox diets may sound beneficial, they are controversial. Some experts say they’re pointless, sometimes even dangerous.

Still the article goes on quoting health experts expressing their opinion and surprisingly they are pro detox and are pushing their own detox plans, for removing toxins from the body.

Here is the full article: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/detox-diets-juice-up-your-health

So, if you ever doubted a 3 day detox diet plan would be beneficial to your health and weight loss… stop thinking and start drinking.



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